Mental Health Accredited Team Members

by Michelle Sneesby

Mental Health accreditation, michelle sneesby, kate yates, heather branson, legal recruitment brisbane

Earlier this month, Heather Branson, Kate Yates, and I all completed a first aid mental health course. Considering the evolvement of our fast-paced work environment, I thought it was crucial that members of our team have actual tools to effectively handle mental health issues.

Most people will experience mental health problems at some point in their lives and having the skills to support each other personally and professionally is invaluable.

My biggest takeaway from this course was learning how to change my language to better respond to the people who need support. By being direct, we achieve far more than by tip-toeing around issues we usually shy away from. Now, members of my team and I can communicate from a mental health perspective, which ensures our office is a supportive environment for everyone, including our staff, clients, and candidates.

I am very proud that we now have four accredited mental health first aid officers and hope we have more in the future.