R U OK Day

by empire group

R U Ok Day, KitKats

R U OK is an important organisation, that each year has a day of action that asks people to check in on the mental health of those around them. R U OK focuses on creating a dialogue between people to prevent self-harm and suicide.

Using these four steps, as recommended by the R U OK website, you can have a really valuable conversation with the people you care about.

1. Ask r u ok?
2. Listen with an open mind
3. Encourage action
4. Check back in

At empire group we have noticed the struggling mental health of many people in our lives and want to encourage everyone to take the time today to pause, and reflect on your own mental health, and check in with the people you care about.
If you are concerned about your mental health or someone you care about, please contact lifeline for crisis support. For more information and resources, please visit www.ruok.org.au