School Holidays, Work/Home Life Balance!

by empire group

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​Happy School Holidays everyone! As a family-friendly organisation, empire group welcomes kids into the office during the two-week break! We are proud to support the parents here at empire as they support their kids!

Not everything is about work, and we get that. Work/life balance is crucial for a healthy life, and it is something that almost all our candidates are asking us about.

How does your workplace support you? If your first thought is that they don’t, then maybe it’s time for a change. Reach out to us for a chat and we can help you find the flexible workplace that you’re looking for!  

We hope you have a happy and safe school holidays!

Please call one of our offices in Brisbane (07 3231 1200), Sydney (02 8227 7200), or Melbourne (03 8602 7400).