My Pink Ribbon Day

by Michelle Sneesby

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​Happy Pink Ribbon Day! 55 Australians get diagnosed with Breast Cancer every day and organisations like the Breast Cancer Foundation aim to improve the outcomes of these diagnoses.

Having had breast cancer myself, I know how scary this diagnosis can be, but early detection is key to successful treatment. In the lockdown of April 2020, 98% of breast screenings were either delayed or cancelled, meaning we need to be more vigilante than ever.  

The below photo is of myself with Sherri Hodson. It was taken in June 2015, which was in the middle of my breast cancer treatment, and Sherri’s cancer treatment. It’s not been easy for either of us, but we have come out the other side stronger.

If you can, please donate to the breast cancer foundation at The research they do is crucial in helping us fight cancer.

Please remember to do regular breast checks and encourage those around you to as well. I urge you to visit your doctor if you have any concerns - don't delay!