Seek September Insights

by empire group

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​Seek reports that in September 2021, there were more than 34 million active users on their site. Despite the vastness of this number, they also report that applications per ad remain consistently low.
From the job perspective, more jobs were posted in September 2021, than September 2019. Despite the pandemic, all states, and territories, besides the ACT have had an increase in roles. The most significant being a rise in roles of 44.8% in Queensland, and 76.1% in Tasmania.

Most notable about this data is that Seek is reporting 60% of job seekers are optimistic about their future employment and job prospects. 69% of young people aged 18-24 now feel hopeful about their professional futures, a number that has increased by 23% since the last quarter.

What this information indicates about the job-seeking industry is that candidates are prioritising their own needs in a role. Last month, we did a poll asking what conditions people desired to work in. 65% of responses were asking for flexibility in the workplace.

This data is corroborated by Hall & Partners research which found that 35% of workers surveyed wanted a flexible approach to the workplace. But they also found in August 2021, 43% of Australian responses wanted to work from their workplace. Though these responses were likely influenced by the lockdowns happening in NSW and Victoria at the time.

The industry needs to cater more to candidate needs, which leads to the question: what are candidate needs? What do we prioritise when seeking a new role? Check out our poll and you can see for yourself what people think!