The Great Resignation

by empire group

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​Research conducted by Microsoft at the start of the year, and experts like behavioural scientist Aaron McEwanare suggesting that Australia is heading towards The Great Resignation.

Predicted to arrive in the first quarter of 2022, global events have impacted the psychology of workers across the globe, forcing us all to evaluate our current roles. For many, as we reconsider what is important to us at work (whether that be money or flexibility), we will leave our current position for new opportunities.

The ABC suggests that these shifts are the result of the changing way we think about work in our lives. empire group has built its network based on understanding how to best connect a candidate and client. This process involves knowing what both the employer and employee need from each other. [Read more extensively on this study and McEwan's thoughts at].

If you find yourself a part of the Great Resignation, reach out to empire group. We can help you make the next decision in your career based on decades of knowledge and experience. Reach us call our managing partner Michelle Sneesby at 07 3231 1200.