The Recruitment Industry is about Relationships!

by Michelle Sneesby

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​The recruitment industry is first and foremost, about building strong relationships. These relationships are critical to ensuring candidates secure a role with a firm/organisation that aligns with the needs of both parties.

Building a relationship with a business is key to understanding the culture of a workplace. As a result, one of empire group’s priorities is ensuring that our consultants are regularly connecting face-to-face with clients. This allows us to get to know the people at a firm/organisation, understand their needs and team dynamic.

Last week, I took three of my consultants to meet with one of our clients at their Brisbane office. Through this, we were able to tap into the unique elements of their firm and team structure, to determine what cultural fit drives their success.

Recruiters that get to know a business on a deeper level can enable a candidate and client to see beyond the restrictions of online profiles and short job descriptions, arming them to make informed choices.

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- Michelle