What do we do in Digital Forensics?

by empire group

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​Everything we do in life is shifting towards an online connected model - and the pace of change has increased exponentially with the onset of the pandemic. The world is dealing with three main issues - increasing data, emerging sources of data and data security.

As a result, those in the fields of Digital Forensics and Cybersecurity are highly sought after. Corporates, Consultancy Firms and Law Firms have recognised the importance of forensic and cybersecurity experts. They are seeking professionals who are able to stay ahead of the change curve and be able to solve problems in their language. 

empire group has two expert recruiters working with digital forensics and cybersecurity clients, Sherri Hodson and Stephanie Lim. Together their extensive networks and experience make them the smartest choice you can. Some of the roles, among others, we recruit for in this space include:

-         Data Analyst
-         Digital Forensic Computer Consultant/Analyst level up to Executive Director/Partner
-         Information Security Analyst
-         Information Systems Security Professional
-         Malware Analyst
-         Computer Forensics Examiner
-         Cyber – Consultant – Executive Director/Partner

If you are interested in learning more about starting your career in Digital Forensics/Cybersecurity or are looking for new eDiscovery opportunities, please contact Sherri (0402 618 969) or Steph (0422 420 072).