How does tech recruitment crossover with the legal profession?

by Adam Saunders


What does technology recruitment have to do with the legal industry?

As a former practicing lawyer and a current IT recruiter, I have witnessed the continued intersection of these two industries. Although not initially obvious, my current role has made it clear that law firms and the legal profession more broadly, continue adopting new and emerging technologies to stay ahead of the game.

What I have seen is law firms creating new roles for experienced Developers, Cyber Security Analysts, Business Analysts and Project Managers to name a few. This is in an effort to adopt new and improved tech that will not only allow law firms to service their clients in more effective and efficient ways, but also to improve security measures in a forever changing online environment.

The transition for many law firms from legacy technology to cloud-based environments will be an ongoing journey involving commercial commitments, complex hardware concerns and security factors.

I believe that as time passes, the intersection of these industries will continue, and that the onboarding of IT professionals internally will become a standard feature of IT recruitment. Particularly so in a world where technology continues to rapidly change.