Legal Review

by empire group


The efforts of eDiscovery at some level requires legal review. The proliferation of advanced analytics technologies (for example Technology Assisted Review) has enabled the more efficient review of large numbers of documents, fundamental to it all is the initial review of documents to train the analytics. Once the analytics has identified them then there is the review of the relevant documents. Whilst this process is key for law firms, this is a time-consuming and resource-intensive requirement.

At empire group, our clientele includes global law firms, legal service providers, consultancies, and state government whom we assist on large eDiscovery document review projects. We have employed Document Review paralegals to undertake large-scale review projects on both a permanent and contract basis with these clients and we’ve serviced projects ranging from 2 weeks through to 6 months or even years! We look after the full onboarding process of the contractors and we, with Covid restrictions, have large pools of contractors around the country set up to work remotely as well as in an office.

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