Should you accept every job offer you get?

by empire group


The job seeking market is ever changing and ever evolving. The pandemic has demonstrated more clearly than ever that our situations are always flexible to change, and that the power doesn’t always lie in the hands of the employer.

The current market is favoring the choices of employees, and employers are compromising more and more in order to make the workplace a flexible environment for individual and business growth. But many of us still feel a responsibility to accept the first job offer that lands at our feet. Out of loyalty, or out of fear that they may not get another one. This mindset means the wrong career moves are being made now more than ever.

We need to start moving away from this mentality. We shouldn’t be accepting job offers just to have a role. We should be careful about our career search, and when given the flexibility, use it to ensure you are making the right decisions.

If you get a job offer, you should discuss it with a trusted advisor. Ideally, someone you respect and value and who is invested in your career progression.

At empire group, we have built a company based on an investment in our candidates, and our decades of experience have given us the insight into knowing what are the best career decisions for each of our candidates.

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