IT Industry Insights: What should you think about when you get multiple job offers?

by empire group

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In 2021, the availability of high-quality technical, technology, and project services professionals has been in short supply. As a result, these types of candidates have seen an increase in multiple job offers. We are seeing many companies respond to this problem through increased salary offers, indicating a rise in the value of IT professionals in the workforce.

What does this mean for candidates who are now navigating multiple offers with previously unseen salaries?

Many consider salaries a signifier of how much a company values you, many IT professionals are entering into contracts entirely based on financial remuneration. Our consultants advise that this could be a risky move for career growth.

Whilst money can create a feeling of value, this can be short-lived. As candidates become accustomed to their new salaries, the disconnect between the candidate and their company culture may start to feel more significant. To prevent this, it is important to consider how well you align with company values and culture. This ensures that as you grow in your role, you continue to feel fulfilled and motivated.

If you are an IT professional looking to better evaluate what you need to feel valued in your workplace, reach out to one of our IT consultants Shane Driver (0431 545 882) and Adam Saunders(07 3231 1213).