Job Interviews are a two way street!

by Adam Saunders


Candidates can often be overwhelmed by the interview process, the nerves kick in, you might fumble over your words as you respond to questions and you may not feel confident in how you present.

Preparation, as we all know, is key! It's important to know your interviewers, know the company and prepare some answers to common questions. It is stock standard.

However, I am of the view that asking the interviewers questions is just as important. For example: How would you describe the team/company culture? What are the likely challenges I will face in this role? What opportunities are there for career progression in this role?

Asking questions demonstrates you have an interest in the role and the company more broadly, but it will also allow you to ascertain if the role and the company are the right fit for you.

Remind yourself, the interviewers are just people too!