What to give your work spouse for Christmas?

by Alison Crowther


What to give your work spouse for Xmas?

I am forever perplexed at the merging of our work and home life.

As the workplace becomes a community for many individuals, is it appropriate to have a work spouse and should you strive to have the special connection in the workplace?

Wikipedia states a work spouse as “a special, platonic friendship with a work colleague, with a close emotional bond, high levels of disclosure and support, and mutual trust, honesty, loyalty, and respect”.

Simply, someone who puts up with your moods, shares the highs and lows and offers words of support when you need it. They might buy you a coffee, know exactly how and when to make you laugh but dose you with honesty when you need it and encourage you to tidy your under-desk shoe collection. All relationships built on trust, honesty loyalty and respect are worth having and will deliver wellbeing in the workplace.

As we slide into Xmas it might be the greatest gift you can give to acknowledge your work spouse and just take a minute to say thanks for the support, honesty, loyalty, and respect.