3 Steps to Setting Bullet Proof Boundaries

by empire group

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Have you developed a strategy to help you focus better in 2022?

 Have you thought about how will you minimise annoying distractions and interruptions that stop your flow and take up valuable time?

 Last November @Fiona Spence came to speak to us about managing workplace drama. We recently caught up with her for tips on how to set yourself up for success this year.

Below we’ll share with you some of the top tips and techniques Fiona has developed to help you work more efficiently and on focus even better over this coming year.

Fiona’s top tips

Whether you are working from home, or in an office, it’s important to set firm and clear boundaries. When setting boundaries identify all the people who may be the source of an inconvenient interruption. Beyond your colleagues, customers, and suppliers if you are working from home you may need to take into account friends and family as well. Once you are clear on who might interrupt you (and how) you can start to set up your boundaries.

3 Steps to Setting Bullet Proof Boundaries

1.      Be crystal clear on what is expected from you to meet your goals and obligations. Your boundaries will ensure you can meet these expectations.

2.      Ask yourself ‘what boundaries do I need to set to meet these expectations and achieve these goals?’ (For example, setting specific times when you won’t be reading emails or receiving calls.)

3.      Ensure that anyone who may be affected by your boundaries understands them, accepts them, and respects them. When you share a boundary, it is important that you invest some time to explain why you have set it, why it is important to you, and the benefits to them and your/their company.

Having boundaries is a crucial element to avoiding unnecessary workplace dramas. Please comment below to share the types of boundaries you have set at work and look out for our upcoming poll.

empire group is a recruitment firm that aims to foster relationships for long-term career development. To do this means we need to be on top of our game, which is why we connected with Fiona. Fiona is one of Australia’s top mindset coaches who is particularly skilled at teaching self-leadership. If you would like to learn more about mindset coaching and training for you or your team, you can contact Fiona at: 0422357827 or fiona@fionaspence.com.au. Learn more on her website: fionaspence.com.au.