Happy Easter!

by empire group

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Happy Easter!

Hot cross buns are in stores which must mean Easter is right around the corner!

It’s only…. 80 days away?

Wait- what?

Hot cross buns have been in stores since December 27th, and it’s a bit confusing that our supermarkets are selling perishable products for an event that is 2 and a half months away.

Do Coles and Woolies know something we don’t?

We don’t have insights into the happenings of retail and the holidays, but we do have insights into how legal recruitment looks through the holidays.  

Here’s what we know:

1. The holiday season saw a rise in Legal & Tech roles being advertised
2. Being proactive in the job market eases the tensions around changing roles
3. Having months to prepare for a change isn’t a bad thing, but rather an opportunity to get things right

Whilst seeing hot cross buns around already, may be confusing, they do remind us that sometimes having a good thing for a long time is better than only having it for a few weeks.

(Also: Easter Sunday falls on April 17th this year! So, we have another three months of stockpiling hot cross buns and chocolate ahead of us!)