Moving Cities

by Melanie Johannesen

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Three weeks ago, I made the move to inner city Brisbane. Moving from Byron Shire, where I had spent 8 months enjoying the slow-paced coastal lifestyle. Prior to this I lived in Narrabri, in Rural NSW.

I moved from town to town when I was younger, even living in different states, which was never an issue. Always rural, always easy to figure out your surroundings.
City life, to someone from a town without even a single traffic light, has been an adjustment to say the least.

I’ve had to learn how to navigate public transport – I was unaware there were so many steps to catching a bus to work!
I’ve had had to find a new hairdresser and beauty spot, after 10 years. This was probably the most daunting.
I’ve had to find my new favourite food spot, coffee shops and a new gym.
I’ve had to find some self-control, the temptation of UberEATS is just too exciting.

I moved for a job opportunity, that would help me grow both professionally and personally. An opportunity that would challenge me, assist me in developing my professional networks, and foster my current skillset in a specialised way.

Have you ever moved for a job?
If you’ve been thinking about it, do it!

If a small town country girl like myself with zero sense of direction and who continually gets lost can adapt to the constant hum of city life, anybody can.

If you’ve been thinking about changing jobs, relocating or both – what is it that’s stopping you?