Pandemic Progression

by Avery Bounous

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A lot of buzz is happening in the New Year as Australia scraps the lockdowns and learns to live with Covid-19.

There is continual concern around starting a new job amidst the pandemic. A lot of the responses we get are concerned about stability in a role and getting to know your team as a newbie in this new environment. How would you start a new job now?

As our clients continue to hire and continue with the pressure of open vacancies they have openly adapted to bringing in staff remotely. The stability of work is back especially in legal where the workload isn’t slowing down.

The major question we ask when taking a job brief is around onboarding for our candidates and the health precautions in place at the company. We base our representation of you around your specific needs in a role and your comfort in being in the office or from home. Interview questions have changed! The majority of our candidates currently accepting roles are onboarding and commencing remotely. Clients are couriering laptops, IT tech equipment, and welcome packs to your home. The conversation of future and continual flexibility is here to stay.

As negative and terrifying as this pandemic may be for some, we see our clients approach as positive and well organised. Candidates are making career progression whilst still having the appropriate precautions around the pandemic. After 2+ years with this virus the workforce has adapted.

Progress your career and take the next step. Trust me, your next employer understands and is more than happy to keep you safe whilst giving you a chance to learn and grow.