What are you feeling positive about?

by empire group

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How do we stay positive in the workplace?

2022 hasn’t started how any of us expected. In fact, right now it is easier than ever to feel overwhelmed and anxious about everything going on.

Because of this, it is important now, to take time for mindfulness and reflection. The efforts we put into wellness help develop skills that are crucial during these peak moments of anxiety.

We took some time for reflection last week and came up with a list of things we are feeling positive about!

1. We celebrated some massive milestones with team members last week. Marianna Tuccia celebrated 10 years at empire group, Zakary Nash celebrated 1 year as a recruiter at empire, and we introduced Melanie Johannesen as a new Team Member!

2. All our team members are back from holidays and online, ready to tackle a new year!

3. We have had many candidates and clients reach out, excited to start connecting with new people!

4. We have never functioned smoother as a company. Our streamlined processes are allowing us to adapt to any situation, ensuring fantastic client and candidate connections!

The world has changed a lot lately, and we’ve changed too. We are excited and busy! Leave a comment about what positive things are happening in your life this week!