What are your 2022 career goals?

by empire group

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5 things you can do in 2022 for your career.

Whilst New Year’s resolutions are not for everyone (in fact our poll in December indicated that 29% of participants don’t do resolutions at all), it is good to start the year with some career goals. Here are five reasonable things you can tackle in 2022 to help progress your career.

1.      Learn a new skill

2.      Connect with more people

3.      Update your resume

4.      Seek advice from people you look up to

5.      Talk to a recruiter (okay, we can admit this one is just because we want to connect with you)

These things are relatively small but can help you make the crucial steps for growth in 2022. If you accomplish any of these, please record them, so that at the end of the year you have a list to look back on!