World Data Privacy Day

by empire group

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Have you taken stock of your data privacy setting recently?

Today is World Data Privacy Day! A day focused on raising awareness and promoting data protection practices.

As a business who works with people and their confidential information every day, data privacy is of utmost importance to us here at empire group. We believe that our candidates have the right to protect their personal information and are entitled to know and have control over where their data is going. Applying for a new job or engaging a recruiter to assist with the search should not compromise this!

Here are a few things you can do to better protect your data privacy:

1.      Use social media privacy restrictions – don’t share what you don’t have to!

2.      Close accounts you don’t use – if you don’t use it, you shouldn’t be giving it to others

3.      Use security apps on your computer and phone to protect your devices.

Privacy is a human right and educating yourself on your data tracking is only beneficial. If you would like to read more about empire group’s privacy policy, please visit:

What are your thoughts on data privacy? Do you have a data privacy horror story, or perhaps some tips for others on strengthening their data protection?