Bias in Recruiting

by empire group

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During the recruitment process, there is always the risk of bias.

We all have biases, whether they are conscious or not. Sometimes though, the bias people have when looking at a candidate’s professional background plays a pivotal role in their hiring decisions.

In the legal industry, this often seems amplified due to preconceived notions about certain firms, universities, and even high schools.

As a recruitment firm dedicated to finding the best possible fit for their candidates and clients, we understand that this background is not necessarily indicative of the value a candidate can bring their potential employer.

As 2022 shifts our workforce, even more, diversity and inclusivity have become more of a priority in the industry. empire group is dedicated to communicating with clients the value of our candidates despite possible contrary preconceptions.

We believe that a candidate’s value is not formed by where they come from, but where they are going. Often, the candidates we place are those that would have otherwise been rejected by a firm due to bias.

If you are a candidate or a business who shares these values, please reach out to empire group today to see how we can help!