How to answer the worst kind of job interview questions...

by Melanie Johannesen

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It doesn’t matter if you have 15 years of experience, or none, job interviews can be super nerve racking!

Especially when it is for a role or within a company that really excites you. However, an interview is the time where you can make your first impressions within a company.

Some of the best advice I give to candidates is always try and turn your responses into something positive.

For example:

Question – “What is your biggest weakness/downfall?”
Answer – Give them an example, but then twist it into a positive with feedback.

“I’m an introvert, but recently I put my hand up to lead an office project and put myself out there, it has helped me with exposure to more high-pressure situations and has really helped my confidence level”.

Question – “Why do you want to work here?”
Answer – It’s that inevitable question that you will likely be asked at some point in your interview. Be prepared, but also be honest. Is it because they’re a national company? Is it because you’re searching for a career path and not just another job for your CV? Or maybe its because you have been following the company on LinkedIn or Instagram and their company culture appeals to you!

Teaching candidates the best way to answer these questions is such an important part of being a 360 recruiter.

There is never going to be a role where you have 100% of the required experience of pre-requisites.

So go in and show your personality, have some examples ready to go. Each question can be turned around and have positive light drawn to it!

Make yourself memorable and have a fun fact about yourself ready to be inserted into the conversation at an appropriate time!

Leave your worst interview questions below and let’s see if we can come up with a well though response, together.