When should you start looking for a new support position?

by empire group

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The support team are often the fundamental pieces that hold law firms together. As a support worker, it is important throughout your career to ensure that your workplace is offering you the space for growth and development. 

Our consultants believe there are five main reasons that it may be time for a new legal support role:
1.     When the firm’s culture no longer fits your expectations
2.     When you have outgrown the role or organisation
3.     When you are seeking more flexibility in your role
4.     When you feel you are not being appreciated
5.     When the role doesn’t support your growth

Do you think it may be time for you to look for a new legal support role? If you are, or you're are unsure if it's time to move, reach out to one of our legal support consultants today for a free career consultation: https://bit.ly/3p4nMgM