Working and Studying Full Time

by Maddison Beeforth

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​I’m about to tell you the truth about studying full time, whilst also working full time.

Honestly, it’s a lot of hard work. There is no luck involved, sometimes you just do.

But isn’t it a lot? Well yes, most of the time. Actually, it is something that Covid made substantially easier.

Working was easy, studying was harder – I love working, I love learning on the job, building connections, making a career path, and taking on new challenges, responsibilities, and tasks.

That’s why I started full time work before I finished university.

And yep, some days it feels never ending.

But what has it shown me? It has allowed me to work and work my way into a job I love.

It gave me training that I would not have from university, it allowed me personalised feedback and performance reviews that I can learn from rather than university marks with little to no explanation or feedback.

While I could work casually or part time, full time gave me the chance to enter corporate and really dive straight in.

It allowed me to tailor my career path rather than getting into a role dictated to me after years of studies and not enjoy it.

The key to making it work for me so far has been honesty, trust, self-discipline, and time management:

Honesty and trust components are crucial for setting up yourself for success with your employer. From the start of the interview process informing them of your studies and the commitment required (a few odd days/hours off for exams, sometimes a stricter end of day schedule including shutting off right on time). The key is transparency and communication. I have been blessed to have my subjects line up after work hours, some subjects may not – that is when you need to have discussions prior to committing to the subject and cost thereof.

The self-discipline and time management aspect are things that no one else can control for you. It is creating a study plan for yourself to follow so your subject requirements are met. For me, it meant, ensuring I scheduled my weekends and weeknights in advanced to make sure I could get assignments done, keep up with the learnings and stay strong with your schedule, this is the self-discipline part. Being able to say no to things is the hardest part of it all.

Why did COVID help?

The pandemic changed a lot of things but for those who needed an increase in study flexibility and were not doing distance education-based courses, the pandemic was a welcomed relief.

 It allowed my university to run online subjects and opened more opportunities for this thereafter.

 Covid allowed me more time to study and to take on more subjects because I was doing less outside of work, so I was able to get through a few subjects.

 While working and studying full time may not be the norm. It is doable. Its experience and education. It is hard but when you set your mind to it, it works.

 I look forward to sharing my eventual graduation with you all.

 If you want to know about why, how, or just want to make a connection, be sure to reach out!


I am here if you need me.