4% Unemployment Rate

by Virginia Williams

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​Australia’s job market continues to explode despite Covid and natural disasters. Today a 4% unemployment rate was reported, which is the lowest level since the survey was created back in 1978: an incredible achievement for the Australian economy and people.

However, as recruiters, we know this presents other challenges to our own and clients’ businesses. Salaries begin to increase, employees want more benefits and care, and as employment shifts, people start to work harder to compensate for their peers leaving.

#TheGreatResignationhas been pushed around in the media, however, it is mainly essential workers and lower-paid roles such as retail, who have resigned so far. People are changing careers because life is too short. They will not tolerate toxic culture; they want to feel valued!

So here are some tips for employers and employees


1. Do not shy away from uncomfortable conversations with your team. Do they feel valued both in care and financially rewarded? If not, why not? What can you do as a leader to alleviate this feeling? Sometimes you do not have to do anything except listen and understand.

2. Adaptability – if someone is not performing then maybe they are in the wrong job for their skill set. Don’t accept mediocrity but also don’t be dismissive of someone who has been loyal to the business. Maybe there is another more suitable place in the company for them. Retrain, they will love you forever and you will feel better too, and productivity will skyrocket.

3. Be flexible -WFH is now a thing. People have demonstrated they can perform, and it gives them better work/life balance. If you want to create a team environment have specific days you expect people i: be clear, explain why. Recruitment is a business where you really benefit from a strong team culture, but we have also demonstrated we don’t have to be together all the time to be amazing at what we do.


4. Have candid conversations with your manager. Make sure you have been transparent about your current experience. If you are not happy then work out why and request a meeting to discuss.

5. If you get no joy, connection or commitment from your manager speak to a close honest friend to get some feedback on yourself, your strengths, your weaknesses. Speak to a recruiter to get some feedback on market conditions, the best-suited company culture, and pace/growth aspirations.

6. It is your market so have a few interviews, have a great list of questions, and explain your personal and professional goals for the next 5 years, do they fit in with the job and company? But speak to your manager first as there may be another solution right under your nose.

If you'd like to discuss further, please reach out for a confidential chat, and see if I can help you find your place in the market. You can reach me at: (07) 3231 1220 or email me at virginia.williams@empiregroup.com.au