Construction is Growing; So Are We

by Virginia Williams

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After managing through Covid and having secured the Olympic Games for 2032, Queensland’s property and construction industry is going through a huge growth phase.

The recent collapse of leading construction companies has created both opportunity and anxiety within the sector.

But it is worth understanding that many of the projects these companies were delivering would have been set at pre-Covid prices.

Sometimes companies, regardless of industry, go through tough times.

Construction is a resilient industry whilst often affected by the volatility of the economy, it also bounces back very quickly and has some of the most robust and strong people I have had the pleasure to work with.

empire group is a traditionally a legal recruitment firm with a significant involvement in property and construction legal work.
We would like to combine our networks of legal and construction recruitment to offer both industries more coverage.

I have worked in construction recruitment for over 20 years covering all white-collar roles. As I personally reconnect with clients and candidates, I would like to offer catchups with both to discuss salaries, projects, and opportunities in Australia, particularly Queensland.

We work closely with immigration and have strong links with the UK and Middle East this will ensure we can capture diverse and new talent.

So, give me a call and we can keep you connected to the market and what is going on.

I am particularly interested in talking to candidates at whatever level who have worked on $150 million plus commercial and apartment style projects, including:
Project Managers
Commercial Managers
Design Managers
Contract Administrators

Please reach out by emailing me at or call me at (07) 3231 1220.