How To Retain Employees

by empire group

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Historically, the job market has required recruiters to coach candidates into fitting the needs of employers.

However, the job market of 2022 is functioning differently.
Companies are asking us more than ever how they can make company cultures more appealing to new employees and what they can do to increase the retention of their existing staff.

Recruiters have unique insight into these needs because we spend our days liaising between candidates and businesses. This year, we have observed three critical needs from candidates that aid in the development of a company's culture:

1. Appropriate remuneration - money continues to be a significant motivator for job seekers, so it is important to pay your employees what they are worth.

2. Flexible working arrangements - allowing employees the freedom to choose where and when they work helps achieve the work/life balance that many individuals desire in a career.

3. Listening to employees — Frequently, we encounter candidates who have felt unheard in past roles. The simplest way to ensure your employees stay with you is to address their problems as soon as they arise.