What did you learn during the pandemic?

by Donella Gressieux

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When the pandemic took off in 2020, most of us found a major shift in our lifestyles.

For me, I was in a high-performing, busy role. I was recruiting with lots of candidates in the market and was starting to branch out into recruiting for HR.

At home, I was active and social. I would be up at 5am to do my F45 class before work and would catch up with friends after work. I didn’t have empty weekends.

And then Covid-19 hit.

Jobs paused, and candidates flooded a marketspace where no one was hiring.

We had to work from home. I couldn’t go to my F45 class, and I certainly couldn’t meet up with friends.

The anxiety of the unknown crept in. When would the pandemic end? When would restrictions end? When would I be able to see my friends and family again?

Then, just when we thought it would get better last year, Melbourne went back into lockdown.

In 2022, the pandemic is still a reality, but I have had a wonderful opportunity to pause and learn.

Now flexible working is the norm, so is mask-wearing.

The job market has shifted, with businesses excited to hire new people.

Opportunities are flooding the market, and I am starting to grow my role again!

I have finally been able to catch up with my extended friends and family!

The pandemic, whilst horrible in many, many ways, also taught me how to adapt. A skill unsurprisingly, very important in recruitment.

Many job seekers have faced a reality similar to my own. It’s hard to see the potential on the other side when you’re still in it.

If you are a Melbourne-based legal support professional, I urge you to reach out for a conversation. I want to help your place in the current job market!

You can reach me at donella.gressieux@empiregroup.com.au or 0481 232 200! Alternatively, you can connect with me here: Donella Gressieux

What did you learn through the pandemic?