How to navigate counteroffers

by empire group

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There is no better time to be searching for a new job.

The current marketplace is facing unprecedented levels of turnover and role changes. The post-pandemic restricted workforce is desperate to keep moving forward, so everyone is hiring. But the resulting candidate short market means that companies don’t want their employees to leave.

What does a company do when one of their employees tries to leave for a better opportunity?

They counteroffer.

They offer their employee more money, or a different job title, or more responsibility.

So, what do you do if you're counteroffered?

According to our expert recruiters, navigating the counteroffer is always dependent on a candidate’s situation. Why were they looking for new work? Did they want more money, a better culture, or more flexibility?

Chances are their original workplace will promise these changes to retain their staff.

Statistically, the changes that were promised don’t happen and candidates are back to job hunting within six months.

Being clear about your intention to move forward is crucial at this point of career transition.  

Navigating this process can still feel awkward or clumsy. However, consulting a recruiter through the job-seeking process can help ease the stress of a counteroffer.

Recruiters, who are uniquely focused on getting you what you need from your career, will have identified your reason for finding new work during the interview stage. Because of this, when you are counteroffered, they can communicate with your new employer effectively about what you need as a team member. They can also offer you insider information on the role and company, that you may not otherwise be aware of.

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