Building Rapport in Job Interviews

by empire group

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What can you do to build rapport in an interview?

Establishing rapport is an important part of a good job interview. Making a connection with the interviewer can increase your chances of progressing and make you more memorable. Here are some easy things you can do to build rapport as soon as you enter the room:

1) Use the interviewer’s name. Saying things like ‘Nice to meet you x’, or ‘Thank you x’, helps develop a personal connection between you and the interviewer, that makes you more memorable.

2) Eye contact. Don’t be afraid to look your interviewer in the eye as you speak, this will assure that you have their full attention when giving your answers and projects an air of confidence that is important for an interview.

3) Body language. Open and relaxed body language encourages open and relaxed responses. Avoid crossing your arms or sitting too rigidly. Where possible, subtly mirror the interviewer's body language.

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