Welcome Nada!

by empire group

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A warm welcome to our new Temp Support Consultant Nada Ayache, who has just started work in Melbourne!

“I am very excited to be joining empire group as a Temp Legal Support. In my most recent position, I was a recruiter for the Australian Defence Force where I managed the online space. I have recruited for the Army, Navy, and Air Force for both full-time positions and reserve roles. Being a recruiter for 4 years I have learnt a lot along the way and look forward to utilising my skills in my new role, by approaching the legal space with the same rigour necessary in defence. I am extremely excited to be working for empire group and transferring the skills and knowledge I have built in the last 4 years to assist me with my new position.”

Connect with Nada to keep up to date on her accomplishments! If you are looking for a new legal temp role in Melbourne reach out to Nada today: 0449 508 311 or email nada.ayache@empiregroup.com.au!