13 Changes in Recruitment since 2009

by empire group

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Industries can change a lot in 13 years. Here are some of the things that have changed in recruitment since we started:

1. More employees want a hybrid work model, with the option of working from home.
2. We no longer advertise roles in newspapers.
3. Networking now happens not only in person but online with sites like LinkedIn.
4. Skill-based recruitment is currently of focus – as opposed to experience or education-based.
5. The recruitment process now runs faster.
6. It is easier to schedule and do job interviews (they can happen online!)
7. We are currently a candidate lead market.
8. There is a greater focus on data and analytics.
9. Soft skills are becoming more important.
10. Adaptability to technology is vital.
11. Diversity and inclusion are growing priorities in businesses.
12. Culture matters to candidates, as much as money does.
13. The workforce is more transient.

How do you think the industry will change in the next 13 years?