13 Leaders in our Organisation

by empire group

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Since the start of empire group in 2009 we have been a strong female lead business. Our leaders have come from a variety of industries including legal, technology and recruitment. Together they have paved the way for the growth and development of our recruitment practices.

To celebrate our 13th birthday, we recognise 13 of our leaders who have helped empire group thrive into what it is today.

1. Michelle Sneesby– Managing Partner
2. Alison Crowther– Partner (Legal Professional)
3.Sherri Hodson– Partner (eDiscovery/Forensics)
4. Kim Kerrigan– Partner (Legal Support)
5. Virginia Williams- General Manager
6. Erin Horan– Operations Manager 
7. Heather Branson- Chief Operations Officer
8. Libby Mizrahi– Partner (Legal Professional)
9.Marianna Tuccia– Partner (Legal Professional)
10. Sophie Tsiavas– Partner (Legal Professional)
11. April O'DempseyO’Dempsey – Principal Consultant (Legal Support)
12. Tarnya Mangano– Principal Consultant (Temp)
13.  Andi CaragounisTeam Leader (Legal Support)