New State Mananger! Welcome Dominic!

by empire group

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Last month, we welcomed a new State Manager, Dominic Buchta, in New South Wales.

“There are many parallels between education and recruitment. Primarily, both industries serve the valuable purpose of furthering and enhancing the career paths of individuals. As the former CEO and Principal of one of Patrick’s College Australia, one of Australia’s oldest business colleges, I have helped facilitate scores of graduates into the workplace, predominantly into the legal sphere as practice assistants, junior legal secretaries and personal assistants.

With an astute knowledge of how education can increase individual performance and appreciating the value that perspicacious employers place on valuable people, the transition into my role with the empire group has been an organic and natural fit.

Complementing my extensive experience in education, my management acumen has been applied and refined in management roles in the cosmetics industry, the registered clubs industry, as a liquor licensee for Woolworths and I have served in the Infantry with the Australian Army Reserve.

Above all, the passionate, dedicated and knowledgeable colleagues I work alongside with at the empire group, has afforded me every opportunity to excel with one of Australia’s leading recruitment agencies.”

Dominic will be recruiting executive and professional roles in NSW, if you would like assistance finding your next opportunity, or filling a role in your business you can contact Dominic at or call 0405 410 022.