What can you gain from your performance review?

by empire group

Website Blogs   2022 06 30 T161554

According to our polling last week, 41% of people are considering role development as they head into their annual performance reviews.

Performance reviews should be an opportunity for you and your manager to discuss the work you have done in the past year, and what you both want from your role in the new financial year. The information revealed in this meeting shouldn’t be surprising for you or your manager.

As you both reflect, you may identify crucial areas of growth, and together with your manager, you can come up with a plan on how to get you to those places.

The most efficient performance reviews can leave you feeling uplifted and excited about the next few stages of your career.

If you leave your review feeling disheartened, it may be time to search for a new opportunity that better aligns with your career development goals. Looking at your peers, starting a casual job search, or speaking to a recruiter can set you back on the path of getting excited about your role again!

If you didn’t feel good after your performance review, you can get in touch with empire group and we can offer a different perspective on your current opportunities. Call 07 3231 1200 or email administration@empiregroup.com.au to find out more!