What have I learnt in one year as a recruiter?

by Maddison Pannell

Website Blogs   2022 06 30 T160927


  • In 2021 in the middle of covid, I left a company I really loved to join empire group. To work with a dear friend and mentor, alongside a team of pro recruiters with incredible and inspiring life stories that have brought them this far. The thing that really caught me about empire group was the people.

  • 5 days into my role, lockdown happened. We worked from home and were connected via teams and zooms- something very difficult considering how social recruitment is, and how important connecting face to face was. I have a love/hate relationship with Teams and Zoom now, I love my face time with people, but I also love the ease of communication via the phone and frankly from anywhere.

  • I met my managing partner once in person. It wasn’t until April this year I was able to travel to Brisbane to meet the rest of the team (10 months after I started), meeting them brought to life the company I joined, the buzz and the people!

  • During this year, I continued to study full time. I had the wedding of my dreams. I have met some amazing people, had impactful conversations, and placed candidates in a variety of roles from entry level to management in law firms.

  • Never in my wildest dreams did I think I could do it! The team got me through it, my mentor set up so many chances for me to grow and succeed, then she took her new chapter and empowered me to tackle our desk myself.As one of the scariest and riskiest job moves I've ever made, I have never felt more myself. I have grown (no, not literally, I'm still 5ft tall) but in my resilience, perseverance, communication, motivation, time management, and confidence.

Remember it’s ok to be afraid of the unknown, but the best thing you can do is try it and see where it takes you.