Who are legal eagles?

by empire group

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The legacy of legal eagles extends over 30 years of legal support recruitment.

Whilst the legal eagles image has evolved, our dedication to providing exceptional service at every stage of the recruitment process has proved us to be the leading legal support recruitment agency in Australia.

As a subbranch of empire group, legal eagles has looked many different ways, but consistently proven itself to be the leading legal support recruitment agency in Australia. Since its founding, we have recruited legal support roles in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth.

When legal eagles was brought under the empire group moniker in 2014, it brought with it a dedication to connecting great people. With the focus on relationships with clients and candidates, legal eagles has thrived in this boutique environment.

A legal eagle is someone who is adept at the law, and who is performing at the top of their area. We have carried these ideals with us through our history, and positioned ourselves reliably in the marketplace.

On the 13th year of empire group, legal eagles continues the message of helping people ‘spread their wings’. If you are looking for a legal support role, please reach out to legal eagles today, and we can connect you with our empire of great people. Visit empiregroup.com.auor call 07 3231 1200 to find out more!