Does your CV Detail Business Development?

by Libby Mizrahi

Website Blogs   2022 07 28 T152344

Many of the lawyers I represent to clients, don't realise they have omitted this very important area, BD, in their CV.

I like to work with them, to tease out all of the relevant areas they need to list & if necessary, to extrapolate on. This ensures they put their best foot forward when applying for a new role.
This includes mentioning if;

  • They have brought any new clients to the firm, and if so, of what nature, volume & value

  • They have run (or assisted in running) seminars or briefings to internal or external clients (in person or through zoom)

  • They have attended industry events

  • They have attended clients events

  • They have initiated events

  • They have written articles or blogs, or had any writing published...

It's important to remember that your CV is a tool to help get you through the door to interview. If you don't include it on your CV, the interviewer isn't going to know about it.

If you are keen to discuss this, or other helpful hints for drafting a top-notch CV, feel free to get in touch.