Going Through the Interview Process...

by Libby Mizrahi

Website Blogs   2022 07 28 T152834

Earlier this week, I posted a series of tips on effective CV writing, LinkedIn profiles and BD in the legal industry.

Today seems like a good day to talk about interview process.

Preparation is key; a little internet research, (nay stalking), goes a long way.

(1) Know who you are meeting with;

Research the individual interviewers LinkedIn & company profiles, google them to see if they have authored articles or have had something written about them, if they present at industry events & which associations, boards, or groups they are members of. Note if they have won industry awards or clients.

(2) Know the role you are being interviewed for;

If you have a position description, make sure you can speak to the criteria listed in relation to your experience, providing examples of same. Identify any weaknesses or areas in which you may be lacking & provide transferable skills or explain how you intend to get that experience in your next role or through additional study. Make sure you know your CV thoroughly & can elaborate on any information it contains, also providing relevant examples where necessary.

(3) Know the team as well as the wider company/firm you are meeting with:

Pick a couple of noteworthy points to discuss during the interview (if time & discussion allows) for example, if the team / firm has been involved in a particularly interesting or newsworthy matter.
Moreover, know why you want to work for this company, in this team, and with these people. What attracts you to them, what makes you want to join them specifically, what is special about them?

(4) Try to let the conversation flow naturally, make eye contact, and smile. Leave your nerves as the door - they don't serve you well & if you have been invited to interview, you have the experience to be there.

Stay tuned for my next post covering how to answer those curly interview questions about salary, references, job hopping & why you are leaving your current workplace….