Is it burnout or time for a career change?

by empire group

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Is it burnout or are you in the wrong career?

Even if you love what you do, burnout is a common symptom of working in the corporate world. For many, this feeling is even anticipated when entering a career in the legal space.

Feeling burnt out can leave you mentally and emotionally exhausted, less excited about work, and can result in significant dips in productivity.

In mild cases, a holiday, and a reframing of priorities and goals can help you overcome this type of exhaustion. For more severe cases it could take months or even years to recover.

Because of the type of feelings evoked by burnout, you may struggle to determine if your current attitude towards work is burnout or a sign that you should change careers. One way to distinguish this may be to change jobs. Even moving sideways in your industry to a different firm can offer insight into the type of work you are doing, and if you enjoy it. It could be the case that your current firm has expectations unsuitable with your needs.

A new workplace can offer the space and clarity needed to determine if you are struggling with your role or your environment. If moving jobs isn’t on the table right now, having a talk with your manager and asking for an internal change of pace can offer similar results.

If you are interested in finding out if you are burnt out or in need of a career change, our expert recruiters deal with candidates looking for a change every day and have done so for decades. Reach out today to or call 07 3231 1200 and we can connect you with someone who can help.