What do law firms want from their lawyers?

by empire group

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How do you make yourself more desirable to your dream law firm?

Every law firm is built on a different foundation: they have their own area of law, history, clients, and culture. Each lawyer may have an idea about what kind of firm they want to work in, and as recruiters, it is our job to help them get there.

It is well known that academic results are valued by firms, but here are four other attributes we are seeing appear more desirable for firms when hiring:

1. Ambition/drive: firms are looking for candidates who will help strengthen their practice, rather than just meet billables.

2. Client relationship-building skills: you are only as good as your ability to communicate with people.

3. Mentoring: whilst business development has always been important for senior candidates, the ability to offer mentoring and learn from others has become a requirement for all candidates.

4. Previous experience: you don’t enter an industry with experience, but we have seen firms favour junior candidates who have previously worked as a paralegal or legal assistant.

If you are a candidate, looking for ways to strengthen your CV you can talk directly to one of our expert recruiters by reaching out to adminsitration@empiregroup.com.au.