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Dominic Buchta

Dominic Buchta

State Manager - NSW

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​Complementing my extensive experience in education and as CEO and Principal of one of Australia’s oldest business colleges, my management acumen has been applied and refined for over 15 years in leadership roles in the cosmetics industry, the registered clubs industry and as a liquor licensee for Woolworths.

My grounding for self-awareness, tolerance and respect towards others was cultivated whilst serving in the Infantry with the Australian Army Reserve.

My life and work experiences have taught me that collaboration is the key to an individual’s success. I am excited by the challenge in collaborating with and learning from the great wealth of knowledge, experience and intellect that makes up one of Australia’s leading recruitment agencies, empire group.

When I am not at empire group you’ll find me… bushwalking, drinking fine wine with friends, making my own soaps and scrubs, video editing and spending quality and priceless time with my partner and daughter.