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Lendsay Nissan


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My passion for supporting people in achieving their goals led me to join Empire Group in 2022 as a resourcer in legal recruitment based in the Sydney Office.

I take pride in my ability to balance my daily priorities, hence my ongoing Bachelor’s Degree in Law and Commerce. I have a personable demeanor and an eagerness to learn more about myself and others. I am empathetic and conscientious, and my time spent as an intern in an anti-slavery taskforce and as a legal assistant in a firm specialising in immigration, reinforced my goodwill and kindness towards others. Those who know me, know that I am always keen to chat.

My goal is to form a broad, diverse and professional network and contribute to peoples lives in a positive manner.

When I’m not at empire group, you’ll find me… living life to the fullest with my loved ones or exploring Netflix for a brilliant new show to watch.