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Luke Morandini

Luke Morandini


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Since leaving high school I’ve worked my way up from a Work Experience Floater to a Paralegal in Property Development. I thoroughly enjoyed the interactions I had with my client and my team. I was known as the “Go-to-guy” as I could always find solutions to issues that the client or the team had. After about 2000 settlements I knew that I wanted to work with people rather than paper. I was extremely lucky to land a position at Empire Group as I’ve always wanted to become a Recruiter. I am very grateful to be surrounded by experts so I can pick their brains on a daily basis.

My goal is to continue to use my problem solving ability for our clients. I feel as though my previous experiences from starting at the bottom of a law firm and working my way up gives me an added edge when speaking with candidates as I can relate to where they are in their professional career and where they’d like to go.

When I’m not at empire group, you’ll find me hustling at local garage sales looking for a bargain or binge watching the newest Netflix series.