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Governance, Risk & Compliance

Governance, Risk and Compliance

As regulation tightens globally, securing, innovative, knowledgeable, and agile senior leaders is crucial to business growth.

The risk and compliance job market will remain extremely active throughout 2020, with 47% of employers indicating they intend to increase permanent staff levels.

Change has hit us in the Australian financial services sector with the Banking Royal Commission acting as the catalyst and will lead to a massive spike in demand for risk and compliance professionals. We expect the need for the following professionals to hit an all-time high for the second half of this financial year.

Given the spotlight that’s being shone on the industry following the Banking Royal Commission, the ability to effectively assess and monitor risk and compliance has leapt to the forefront of most organisations’ agendas which will see them become far more accountable and transparent. This has led to a rising demand for risk and compliance professionals. As a result, we expect the need for these professionals (niche risk and compliance professionals) to increase over the next 12 months which will of course see an increase in these salaries.

Risk has become an essential part of corporate decision making in industries well beyond the financial sector. With the increasing need for corporate transparency, organisations require risk officers with the technical and management talent to foster a new corporate culture.

For Compliance Officers, the increasing complexity faced by organisations presents a challenge that requires not only acute knowledge of numerous domestic and world-wide regulatory systems but also the ability to forge meaningful connections with regulators.

The level of risk facing businesses today is at an unprecedented level, whether it be regulatory, operational, financial or cyber risks. To successfully navigate this ever-changing and complex environment, it’s imperative to have the right risk and compliance strategy and people in place.

Our team of dedicated risk and compliance recruitment consultants draw on their established personal and online networks, membership of industry and professional bodies, as well as a range of sourcing tools to select great people for contract and permanent risk and compliance jobs across Australia.

Stability is also a quality many employers are looking for. Candidates who can show loyalty to a company and stability in their employment history are preferred over candidates who have jumped quickly from role to role.

Roles across Governance, Risk and Compliance that we specialise in:

  • Head of Compliance

  • Compliance Advisory

  • Regulatory Compliance

  • Regulatory Monitoring

  • Fraud Investigations

  • Fraud Analytics

  • Head of Risk

  • Internal Audit

  • Operational Risk

  • Market Risk

  • Risk Analytics

  • Credit Risk

  • Technology Risk

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